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Elemental Destiny


Character Application

So far in the storyline, the following towns, ruins and locations have been discovered:

Shent = This is a town stuck in a war between Scylia and the small nation of Ciera and it borders the great White Forest. The town, due to the effects of the war , which is taking place even as Elivine extends its tendrils ever closer to the region is now occupied by Scylian troops. Unfortunatly they are not of the pleasant kind and they do nothing as thieves and brigands from the countryside and from the Forest ravage the townsfolk for every piece of gold they have. The Townsfolk, in response, have sent out a distress call to anyone who is willing to help them.
White Forest = Also known as the "Forest of the Sword".This is a massive forest extending for one hundred miles around and is made of uncharted and un organiozed territory owned by no nation. This forest as such is a sanctuary for all of those who are fleeing from various powerful governments and other entitiies. Among them there is a group of rogue ninjas that have fallen out of favor of the nation fo ninjas as well as Ubmaly. They scout the area snatching up random travellers. Murderers, thieves, kageninjas,spiritfire creatures, youkai, demons, spirits etc. There are strange monsters that seem to appear from nowhere and they act as some of the many guarduans to the Tower of the Temple of the Sword. The Agony Blade is said to have it's own seperate temple among the nation sized forest's vastness. Thie balde feeds on any time of negative suffering and feeds on people's pain and suffering. It once had Shadow but he broke free of it's grip. Also there are various dissidents, soldiers, thrill seekers, bounty hunters, and warriors seeking to better themselves. There are four montains in the forest one of which only appears onbce a day at dusk. This is the home of the only elves within one thousand miles of Shent. The Scylian military has reported that there are ghouls and phantasms of every desrption and it is even rumored that the trees themselves are alive and will attack unprovoked...but when is the question. Also the forest is encanted itself in every way thought possible and interferes with almost any elemental or special power. For instance fire of any kind made magically will instantly go out so the forest will not burn down.


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