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Elemental Destiny

Character Application

Characters so far in the storyline:

Shadow Sarerite: Shadow is a fourteen year old boy. He dressed in a scarlet silken cloak/cape a steel chestplate with his family's crest (A red Dragon with a blue sword, red lance, green katana, and a white bow overlapping and the sun in the upper left hand corner shining its light down on the words "In Fate of the World" He also has on green cotton pants, black leather boots, smilarly colored no finger leather gloves, a belt attached to which, is a bottomless storage bottle containing numerous healing potions and ones of various other descriptions among other things, for weapons he carries four blades a katana, a rapier, a longsword, and a special blade on his back he never seems to use. The rapier is special in that it can use any element or basic part of something (like it's essence) and is called the Elemental Sword and was passed down from four thousand years ago through his family line until finally he was found to be the heir to the blade.The special blade on his back has a mysterious origin and he at times seems to even speak to it and in times of dire need he seems to guard it more then himself. It is known as The Tear of the Pure Maiden. It is a longsword that Shadow protects his life with. He also carries shiriken, kunai, a pair of chakrams, and a dagger for emergancies...around his neck is a gem with a center of a white brilliant unknown substance..and is in the shape of a heart carved from 1/4 each glenine(platnium, gold, titanium, Adamant, Europium alloy) ruby, emerald and sapphire that has some purpse only know to him. He is around five foot six and a half inches. With emerald green eyes and short but unkempt dark blonde hair.


Clarissa Soulheart: The Destine, as well as a young forlorn girl who is the daughter of a duke and duchess of Scylia in the providance of Mistia as their realm. Duke Gregory and Duchess Eleanor had three children, Her brother James was the first born and is nearly twice the fourteen year old's age. Her sister whose name is unknown was born six years after James was and ran of to join Elivine several years before the fall of the House of Mistia. This fall was caused by the betrayl by James against his parents to have a band of wandering wrriors to overthrow his parent's realm. Prior to this betrayal he was chosen by Fate to be the Destine, the one to save the continent from falling to the Elivinian Empire and it's enigmatic leader. Clarissa was taken with her parents to a town near the southern border of Mistia. There they hideout en cognito for six years until disaster struck and Giovanni Chaodark the leader of the insurrectionists sent his agents to the town in search of the noble family...Clarissa's parents were taken and she was ordered to be killed by a soldier left behind to guard the town. However instead of killing her he decided instead to raise her and he does up until she is thirteeen when he is called to war and never heard from again. She is left alone for a year and must fend for herself...however the entire town helps her without her knowing because unlike the mregime in power at the time. The people still care for other's suffering. She however does not give up on rescuing her parents even once. The soldier teaches her to use a bow and dagger and leaves a set for her. Her parenst room is not opened from the moment they are taken up until they return. She meets Shadow who was following a baron who had detroyed a town he came along in searchof his own father. She velieves him to be one of the ten nobles under Giovanni and kos him. She soon learns that he is in fact not one of thm and he immediatly upon learning of her story deidicates his effort to helping her rescue her parents and her people. They begin to fall in love and she is later ordained destine after she encounters and forgivres her brother for his past misgivings and he joins the group. What  this means for her you will have to discover for yourself.    She is always ion a dress of spirt and she perfers it that way. She carries with her a letter from the soldier who helped to raise her along with a satchel with some potions and such, a dagger bought fpr her by Shadow as a gift, the bow and arrow set left by the soldier for her, and the Elemental Bow/Dagger formed from the broken blade of the dagger the soldier as well as the blades of those who fell to the Blood sword in her's and others defense  fused into one. It has the same powers as the Elemental Sword but can also turn into a bow and arrow set and uses arrows made of the element it is set to. The most important item she carries however is a lockeyt passed down from her mother to her at her birth. It has several mysterious mystical properties. She is kind, sweet, niave, caring, idealistic, determined, loving, and would no sooner think to help others before herself than others do to do just the opposite. and yet she suffers and this makes Shadow very protective of her.


Name: Firehawk

Age 22

Race Human
Sex Male
Family: None
Allies: Shadow Sarerite
Powers: Power triples when enraged, combination of Fire and Wind techniques; Skill called Ascension. [Ascension can only be used in daylight. Absorbs the spirit of the sun to create super-powered fire techniques. Firehawk loses all conciousness while ascended.]

If summoner, what creatures: Efreet, the spirit of Fire; Sylph, the spirit of Wind. Neither can fight, but both give guidance.
Brief description and/or picture: This man has no boundaries. His fury not only causes suffering to those around him, but scorches the wind. He has no name other then the one given to him by those who fear him. Long black hair is tied into a ponytail by a crimson red ribbon, and his black robes are tied by crimson red ribbon as well. The robes and armor have no right sleeve; his bicep depicts a tattoo of the Sun. [When Ascended, robes vanish and Firehawk is covered in crimson red armor, and a matching helmet that's shaped like a hawk with it's open beak allowing his face to be viewed. Wings of fire burst from his back. At the beginning of the ascension a burst into the form of a bird engulfed by fire is seen. Firehawk is often confused with the holy Phoenix because of this.]
Homeland: Unknown
Weapon of choice: A katana named Feuerwind. The sword, when unsheathed, becomes engulfed in flames, scorching the hand of the wielder. Only Firehawk can wield it, due to his immunity to fire.
Armor of choice: Crimson red suede armor, under a black ribe that goes down to his ankles. The robe, at the edges, is decorated by a flame design.

Magical items: Feuerwind, armor resistant to Fire.
Pets: None.
Brief history: Born to a Wind Sage and a Fire Knight, this man has capabilities of using both elements combined. Instead of a usual fireball or blast of wind, his destructive powers create a fiery tornado, which has left many cities and towns in ruin. He seems to have no purpose and no place to be. Angered easily, he always has a way with his blade, not necessarily his words. 

How he arrived in Scylia: Born there.


Name:  Isis
Age: 16
Race: Water/ice guardian
Sex:  Female
Family:  None, they all died in the war.
Allies: None, refuses to work with anyone.
Enemies:  Anyone that gets in my way or tries to befriend me.
Powers:  I can use water and ice magic.  Can manipulate bodies of water if near them and can freeze things to ice with the flick of my hand.  I have multiple ice and water spells that are as flexible and powerful as the sea itself.
If summoner, what creatures:  Can summon Leviathan if needed.
Brief description and/or picture:  I was the guardian of the sword my entire life and lived in the temple.  When thieves pillaged the temple and killed all of my kin, I decided to venture into Scylyia to see the world and find the sword of suffering to avenge my kin.  I have an icy demeanor and trust no one, my personality is as cold as ice.  I do whatever I have to to get my duties fulfilled and only befriend someone if it will benefit me.  I have no one left in this world to care for or trust.  I am a logical, strategic person and am very resourceful with my magic.
Homeland:  The White Forest
Weapon of choice:  Only my magic, I have a blue trident, but use it only to launch spells from unless cornered in close combat.
Armor of choice:  None, only clothing.
Any magical items:  A pendant in the shape of a teardrop that contains the roar of the sea.
Pets: None
Brief history:  I was born in the temple of the sword and have been trained to guard it my entire life.  When my kin are slaughtered I disregard my duties to get revenge.  This isolation is why I have such a cold disposition. 
She was born in Scylia.


Name? Sin Ikimari
Age? 17
Race? Ancient demon
Sex? Male
Family: Sister named Jirrin (I'm not gonna RP her)
Allies: None
Enemies: Several, the usual is Fate
Powers: His chi manipulation and Fire Manipulation

If summoner, what creatures: N/A
Brief description and/or picture:

Weapon of choice? Katana, though the blade is twice the size of a normal one

Armor of choice? None
Any magical items? His blade: increases his magical and physical potential when using his techniques by substantial amounts or when his body can't take to much more, he uses the sword to feed on his pain to numb his body so he can continue his fight or training. He also uses this with his fire-based attacks to create a portal to cut down on the damage he inflicts on his own body in order to release much larger and more powerful attacks.
Brief history? As a boy, Sin was discarded from his friends and family. He was kicked to the side and sent away to die. From that he gained his hatred and disgust for humans, since he had been born as one. When he was older he attempted to fight a powerful demon who cut his eyes and poisoned them, destroying any hopes of ever being able to see like a normal human. But instead, the demon took him in and trained him himself in order to take on the appearance of a demon with special techniques, as well as powerful magic attacks, though he excels at hand-to-hand combat.
How he arrived in Scylia remains a mystery as does his Homeland.

Name? Areno Hana

Age? 10
Race? Kitsune/Neko/Bat/human. She was born of this race because of her mom she was part human and demon at the same time as was her father so she became a 4 time demon with each one having special powers. She also uses her bats fangs to leech off the blood of the other demons or even their power.
Allies:Human and demons alike
Enemies:Orcs and vicious dragons.
Powers: Arcana deph. Arcana a type of magic that can be any time depending on the arcana type of magic used by the book she carries around and her cat uses black magic and she can speak to most of the demons and she also speaks to nature like a elf and get it to give her things she needs for the heck of it. Also she knows alchemy.
Homeland? unknown
Weapon of choice? Her weapon of choice is a book which contains a world of its own but she has rewritten it for special items to come forth like her potions since she is still learning her potion mixing.
Armor of choice? Alchemic vest and a purified water outfit
Any magical items? Her book known as the Zekiaras Akrcnara and her ribbion it controls random items at will by bending them it had things that were enchanted.
Pets? Areno's pet is the cat of nine tails. She had tamed a small cat demon who is very rare because of its color it is pure gold and sweet as can be. It also eats other demons if needed to and its fur is used to make magical items like potions but no one ever touches it so no will every get to touch it but her. She also has trained it to be very tame. Her second pet is a a small black cat who uses black magic when needed. It is named Jiji
Brief history? She was born by a father of half human and bat and a mother of cat and fox so she is what you call  a chimera in terms of science. She also loves to mix herbs and things to heal nature itself. She was born 4 years after shadow. She is known for her kindness and collecting gold from the ground or making nature bring forth rare items to keep herself afloat living alone is what she does until she finds the one who is right for her no one will earn her trust unless she must. She grew up in a village in the world of Gaia Nova. She studied holy magic but put every scroll they had into a book so it is very amazing how she mastered the book and she made the book almost impossible to destroy and if it is the power goes to her body. She also has a strange knack for flirting and hanging out with girls she really wants to help Shadow because she has heard rumors of her and she is pure heaven. SHe also loves to sing and play music on her flute made from the elven wood. She didn't have much a history because when she was teleported all over her former memories were gone but she gained one to help Shadow.
How did s/he/it arrive in Scylia? She arrived three days after Shadow and She arrived by a book spell gone wrong.
Name: Faith Beaumont 
Approximately 40,674. Last time she checked, that is. Let’s just say she looks mid-twenties, yes?
None where she is right now. None that she left behind.
Whichever side coughs up the most cash. Or whichever side has the prettiest gems hanging round their pretty necks.
Subject to change with the economic flow.
Faith’s quite the athlete. She can run quite fast if need be, and walls seem to have a natural adhesive to her fingers and toes. She’s balanced, but not entirely graceful. Other than the acrobatic tendencies of a Russian gymnast, she’s your everyday ordinary fallen star spirit!
If summoner, what creatures:
Brief description and/or picture:
Oh lord, I wish I had a picture. But this little description will have to suffice. Faith is about 5’5”, of light build. She weighs only 120 Libras, with moderately tanned skin. Her hair is white. No, not bleached blond. White. It has a rather feathery touch to it, cut short around her head. At the back, it is pushed upwards into an almost peacock-esque style. Her eyes are green, with the spiraling flecks of the iris acquiring a darker shade than the rest. A prominent scar runs from the base of her neck down along her spinal chord, ending at the beginning of curvature into the waist. Many smaller, less important ones dot her shoulders and canvas of her back. A black band of ink in the style of wicked ivy wraps around her upper right arm. Other than this, no other marks mar her figure. Her personality? Oh, winsome and devious to say the least.
Weapon of choice:
More often than most, two very simple and sturdy daggers. At other times, when the situation calls for force instead of speed, a more ornate and large battle-axe. This is very rare, however.
Armor of choice:
Very light material, preferably of the silk nature and usually black. After all, black helps with the oh-so secretive and sneaky profession she excels at.
Any magical items:
Not at all. Faith isn’t so big on magic, despite the fact that her entire society is based on it.
At one point in time, she had a raven named Jigguly. He seems to have disappeared.
Brief history:
I’ll keep this short and simple. Faith was once a star, as in the twinkly things in the lovely children’s song. Unfortunately, she did some not-so-nice things to people. Mainly mass s. Hey, there’s loads of money to be made taking others lives. Faith knows, she used to have a horde of jewels and whatnot. Unfortunately, the people in charge didn’t take to kindly to the idea and had her hunt down. Taken before the grand jury (Sirius, Betelgeuse, Antares, and Polaris), she was found guilty and sent to a ground-bound prison. The area did not have a name, nor did it need to. No one who was sent there ever lived to tell its name. Except for our dear ess. Perhaps she slid through the bars, perhaps she simply fell through its thick walls.
How did s/he/it arrive in Scylia:
After being in said un-named prison, she fell through the unforgiving heavens right down to Scylia. And, quite honestly, she feels right at home. Conflict is profitable.

Did you know?: Cat's make great armrests

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