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Elemental Destiny

Character Application


Scylia is a nation based on magic and peace, but even with the most advanced mystic abilities, it still has its problems. Political corruption, starvation and crime, and, of course, war.


Shent, a backwater town on the edge of Scylia, is being plagued by thieves. Due to a recent event in the capital, of which talk is being kept to a minimum, the local armies and mercenary corps cannot assist the troubled village. The issue has gone on for nearly a year now, and with it getting worse every day and the thieves taking more than before, the locals have decided it is time to strike back... but with what? They have no combat experience.


Shent's mayor, a representative of the capital, is attempting to collect travellers to deal with the threat and save the village. Adventurers, thrill seekers and treasure hunters come from all over Scylia in hopes of gaining the legendary sword from a temple in the White Forest, not far out of Shent. He has begun to stop the drifters on their way to the forest and beg for their assistance, offering what little they have to get rid of the thieves.

Scylia is a free range, customized character based roleplay storyline, combining anime-like gameplay with actual video-game ideals

Characters will be reviewed and then posted on the site. Once posted, you will be e-mailed with information regarding the storyline.

Show Fate that it doesn't stand a chance.

For extra information, contact Dusk Frontiers or Virtual151789.